Director Message

          Dr. Simaljit Kaur
In the present global scenario of expanding opportunities and intensity of competition, schooling years are becoming more burdensome for the children achievements override the enjoyment of wonder years of childhood. all of us, as parents and teachers must do our best to alleviate this scenario for our young children. let us focus on the development of the learning attitudes and aptitudes of our students. Every child is special.

We have to focus on the holistic development of each one of them. Firm character foundation, strong value system and positive attitude will pave the way of the successful future rather than mere grade achievements in the younger years. Accordingly this school focuses on the balanced and rounded growth of a child's personality. while forming firm academic foundation, we aspire to build our students as fine citizens of tomorrow who are globally competent. I congratulate the principal and teaching faculty of Jalandhar Public School for a great academic year.