Principal Message

          Mrs. Rekha  Nayyar
          M.Sc. Mathematics, B.Ed.

The most critical decision of a parent has to take, lies in his/her choice of a school. We at Jalandhar Public School believe that the child who enters and then walks out of the portals of this institutions should have gone through experience which allow for a journey of self- discovery; creatively returned to the development of his/her overall personality towards the achievement of their fullest potential.

At a time when the world is shrining and the fast paced technology threatens to envelope and a times overwhelm us, It is essential to provide an experience which will impart holistic education and inculcate the skills that make the student proficient in applying this knowledge to some of their real life problems and at the same time become useful and responsible citizens of this global world. We do not burden the students with extensive academic syllabi but encourage them to explore, acquire and apply knowledge in innovative ways.

The school is known for galvanizing them with the ability to excel in future academic endeavors. We pride ourselves in our ability to install in each student self-reliance and an awareness to enable them to work through life's challenge. The school hopes to prepare healthy, responsible and informed citizens who will play an active role in improving and contributing positively to the world they will inherit.